Behind the brand the team

You don’t have to look far to find people who enjoy helping others to look and feel beautiful. It’s an easy job to love. But this mission is not just about beauty; it is about health; not just skincare, but the science behind it; and not about a product, but people. The team that breathed life into the brand we now know as NADIA came together organically, and quickly became a family. They each brought a piece to the equation: science + beauty + people = hope.

Behind the brand the team

Stephen - he makes things.

The man is so Southern, he practically has his own dialect.

Stephen Camp is the founder/visionary/all-around backbone of NADIA. Before delving into the world of skincare, he devoted three decades to the development of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, becoming the COO of one of the country’s preeminent medical food companies, Pan-American Laboratories. Stephen worked alongside teams of scientists and pharmacists to create products that would address the physiological effects of various disease states. When that company grew to such a size that it was pursued and eventually acquired by Nestlé, Stephen seized the opportunity to take the expertise he had acquired in a new direction. Inspired by his wife and three grown daughters, he shifted from developing products that impact how a person feels to developing ones that impact how a person feels about themselves. He began working with compounding pharmacies to develop a topical application featuring the miracle molecule NAD+. That product was simply called “face paste,” and the results were extraordinary. Requests poured in, and Stephen knew that he had to develop a product for the masses. After much time and effort, NADIA Skincare was born.

shape Stephen - he makes things.

Catherine - she makes things beautiful.

She is reserved by nature but when she speaks, people listen.

Catherine is an artist, an architect, a breast cancer survivor, and a mother to three beautiful young women. She has also been Stephen’s sounding board throughout their thirty years of marriage. But when her husband’s talk turned from healthcare to skincare, she did more than listen, she jumped in with both feet. Her eye for aesthetics combined with her experience in restoring health to her own body made her the perfect person to ensure that his vision translated into practical solutions for real women.

shape Catherine - she makes things beautiful.

Erich - he makes things digital.

Graphics Guy by day, Bob the Builder by night.

Much like a twenty-first-century caveman, Erich is a total tech geek who‘d just as soon communicate in pictures. As the creator of all things visual, he brings the brand to the digital world in living color. When not designing, Erich likes to tinker with bugs (the VW kind) and play “Uber-Dad” to his two daughters. He‘s a self-proclaimed home improvement master and has a secret desire to have his own HGTV series.

shape Erich - he makes things digital.

Jordan - she makes things work.

The only thing bigger than her smile is her purse.

Jordan is the glue that holds the NADIA family together. She is the organizer - implementer - mediator - visionary who always keeps a firm grasp on the forest, the trees, and the whole darn ecosystem. (Nobody puts Baby in a corner!) Jordan holds her own among the dreamers and the idealists, but she is the one they all look to to bring their wild ideas to life. Her guilty pleasures include shopping and The Bachelor and her universe revolves around the two scrumptious toddlers who call her Mom.

shape Jordan - she makes things work.